Our services

Our services are broadly categories in to Residential, Corporate, Commercial, Painting and Gates and railing services

We have a team with solutions to any kind of construction needs - Whether you are someone who

  • Is looking to start from scratch by finding a land in area of your choice and then build your dream home. OR
  • Already own a land but just looking to build your dream home.


After Site survey, our design experts proceed to develope the designs as per your needs. We often use 3D video presentation to visualise the planned output to our prospects. This allows a very keen understanding of the project.

Material Selection

  • We select the higher quality materials with your budgetary and maintenance needs
  • Materials are chosen based on the customer’s taste

We start execution of the project regulary coordinating with our team and monitor the site to ensure

  • Quality,
  • Work progression and
  • Timely completion of the project

Commercial Services

For any business, the design is paramount. It creates lasting impression on customers mind. Revolution in technology has given rise to many businesses, and there are many business realms developing in Hyderabad. To compete at all levels and stand out from the crowd you need to pay special attention to lot of things including the way you office looks, that can attract your clients. We the Infinity are here to help you. Let us know your vision, leave the rest to our expertise.

We help you choose

  • Tone of colors
  • Textures
  • Lightings
  • Furniture
  • Space management and lot more

We are renowned interior designers. Quality always comes first. We start our project with Site survey, Planning, Material selection, and proceed to the real work on site maintaining transparency through out until we reach the planned deadline.

Painting services

Additionally we the In5inity also provide the painting services to give an extra enticing appearance to your space.

Site Survey

  • Visit and Analyze the site parameters, document what all we need.
  • Study and analysis of existing site conditions and site structure.
  • Quote the budget as per your requirements
  • Design preparations by our team

Residential Services

At In5inity, we start with understanding all your home requirements. A well-designed home is a place which feels comfortable. A home is a place where you spend the rest of the day after your work,comfortably relax with a peace of mind.Like an adage, Home is a place that describes one’s personality. Want to design a residence that describes your personality? If yes, you are in the right place. Our residential designs cover,

  • Bedroom Interior Designing
  • Modular Kitchen Designing
  • Kids Room Interior Designing
  • Drawing Room Interiors
  • Decorative Living Room

The materials we use include

  • Lighting
  • Wiring
  • Railing
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture including required draws and cupboards

At In5inity you can pick materials and furniture of your choice/needs. Our expert design team will process your requirements and translate into designs that match your personality and needs.

Corporate Services

Your corporate space speaks volume about your personality, beliefs and core values. It has the ability to create an ambiance that motivate your employees. A well-designed office provides the ideal environment to stay creative, fresh and productive. It creates a gist of enthusiasm in employees mind. Your office design reflects your vision. Are you missing those elements in your corporate space? We the In5inity are here to help you.

We design interiors for,

  • Conference Room
  • Board Rooms
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Corporate CEO
  • CEO
  • Meeting rooms
  • Salons

Whether you are a startup or an mnc we help you skyrocket your business goals. Your office indirectly leaves a lasting impression with your client during their first ever visit. Our team works efficiently to drive desired results. Be it healthcare or IT, we can understand the needs and design your corporate space accordingly.

Project Progress & Co-Ordination

DAILY site visit and co-ordination with various supervisor and workers for ensuring.

  • Quality of materials & workmanship.
  • Smooth progress of work.
  • Timely completion of the project within the given budget.