Residential Services

Owning a residence is a dream for many. We the infinity are going to stay with you right from the plot purchasing to the interior and exterior designing. Interiors are like superpowers which can transform a place into as attractive as they can. Let us know your requirements and we design your residence that matches your taste and requirements. We focus on interiors along with the functionality of your residence. Residential design is key in the interior design as it is a place where people live. It is a place where love resides. We design with utmost care in order to meet your requirements. In5inity will design a residence that meets the needs and personality of each family member.

Our designing firm is well updated with modern designs and implement them while designing. With the globalization, there might be changes in the themes and the designs and we choose to take up the modernized designs. As earlier discussed, a kitchen is the heart of a residence.

In5nity will present you the advanced modular kitchen in the confined budget. There are a variety of modular kitchen designs available and we choose a design pattern that matches your requirements.

Living area, chill space with your family and friends. We plan a living space according to your choices that can perfectly depict your personality. Our designing team plans it to be an appealing area as the living area is a place where you get to meet your friends.

We especially take care of

  • Wiring and earthing
  • Furniture spaces where ever required
  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • A storehouse
  • Fittings and railing

We present you with the premium quality furniture and other designing materials by collaborating with the topmost brands. The core of designing a residential space is to present a livable and breathable space.

A residence is a place where you relax after a hectic day in office. It is a place where you eat and spend time with your family. Our designing team will take up all these factors and provide a breathable, advanced and comfortable living area.If you are someone willing to have a home office, we design and create an office environment where you could solely concentrate on your work.

We the in5inity concentrate on every detailing as detailing entrusts every aspect of the products used. You can customize the design space according to your taste. Customize the colors, furniture, number of cabinets and doors.

We even design the kids area, be it a drawing room or a bedroom. We design it the way they want it to be. We fulfill all the requirements of your kids providing them a perfect place to play, study and enjoy their time after a tiring day in school.

If you have a joint family we plan to fulfill the requirement of each and every member of the family.

We take care of

  • Functionality
  • Cost
  • Fittings
  • Quality

Join hands with us and promise to produce efficient residential services understanding your style and taste.