Glass Designing

Glass designing is implemented as it transforms a dark room with a glimpse of sunlight. Making your space brighter artificially without any requirement of natural light. There is a wide range of glass materials in the market that is extensively used for interior designing. We take the utmost care while choosing the glass. As always said we never compromise on the quality of the materials.

We would love to see our customers happy to maintain a long-lasting relationship. We choose the right type of glass depending upon the purpose of using it.

There are many glass materials available such as transparent glass, translucent glass, tinted glass, bubble glass, crystal glass and many more each having its importance. For instance, if you choose to use glass materials for windows, we choose a glass that is unbreakable and is of premium quality.

You can use glass designing for your doors and windows. You can instill glass designs in your home or office space. It is better to use a one-way glass for security and privacy purpose. They are also enticing and provide a classy- glassy look.

Have you ever heard of glass walls?

Yes, most of our customers even choose to have glass walls which are either transparent or translucent or any of the above-mentioned glass materials. It provides a style statement and which amazes your friends and family. These glass walls can either be used as partitions or screens.

We also provide glass furniture dining tables and glass top coffee tables. They can also be used in cabinets and shelves providing a trendy look for your area.

You can also use glass designing in bathrooms. Yes, you heard us right. You use a sink made out glass and cubicles for showering. You can also feature a trendy mirror.

To make your residence even more aesthetic, you can choose lamps made of different glass materials, crystals and colors elevating the beauty of the interiors. There is also glass flooring available in different shapes and sizes. We generally use matt glass which provides friction and prevents from falling.

We the In5inity bestow you with premium glass designs without compromising on the quality.